About Us:
Solid Web Designs LTD have been building web sites since 1997 and have been incorporated since 2001.

All Solid Web Designs LTD web sites are built using the latest in HTML, CSS and PHP. This makes it easy to add new items and update current ones.

About Us...

A Service Company
At Solid Web Deigns we offer a web design and hosting service that we do not think can be beat. Our business is aimed at local companies who realise that they need to be on the web, but who do not want to pay the high prices that other internet Companies are charging.

We will design and host a web site to suite your needs and price. Be it one page, or a hundred pages, each will receive the same high standards of professional care.

At Solid Web Designs, we know that the most technologically advanced site is not necessarily the best, we do know however that it will probably be the most expensive. We also know that no-one is going to buy your product or hire your service because your web site has every bell and whistle that can be, attached to it. At Solid Web Designs we produce cost effective web-sites aimed at increasing your profits.

Our first site www.karateterminology.co.uk published in 1997 has gone on to be one of the most respected in its field. We have kept this same professional approach to all our sites, be it for a local trader up to large on-line shopping sites.

Future Goals
Our goals are to continue targeting the local traders who are looking to expand their business on to the Internet, by providing cost effect web site solutions.

Our client charter is:

  • To be a cost effective form of promoting your Company on the Internet, using clear and concise Web Pages.
  • Not to have any hidden charges. All prices are fully agreed prior to work starting.
  • Your site will be optimised so that it is viewable on your clients screen as fast as possible. Recent research shows, if your site has not loaded within 8 seconds the average person clicks to a new site, which will be your rivals.
  • We will meet the deadlines that are agreed.
  • We will maximise your sites potential to hit number one on search engine results.
  • We will only submit your site to the search engines that are suitable for its content.
  • We will not use the latest 'gimmick' software that although looks great on the designers screen, can not be seen by 95% of your clients. Our sites are written to advertise your company, not ours.
  • We will fully test your site on all major browsers and screen settings prior to uploading on to the Internet.
  • All sites will be fully optimised for browsers that can not show graphics or have graphic's disabled - Just because they don't want to look at your pictures, it doesn't stop them from being your customers.

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